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Feb 8 15 10:20 AM

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Saw the guys last night in Ann Arbor at the Blind Pig.  It was my first time seeing Ryan, and he is The Real Deal.  The guy played his ass off, and by the end of the show his hands were raw and bleeding.  A couple of times he was so exhausted that he had to put his head down on his snare drum for a quick rest.  He plays with a HUGE amount of energy, and he and Scott sounded very tight..... like they've been playing together for many years.  

At the end of the show, I saw Ryan walking off the stage and told him how much I enjoyed his playing.  He was super cool and friendly, and he thanked me.  The new songs sounded great, and I can't wait for the new record coming out in April.  I always enjoyed Brian's rock-steady, high intensity drumming and hope he is doing well in his new endeavors.  Rock on, Local H!

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Feb 8 15 12:57 PM

Thanks for the update, I was wondering what kind of drummer Ryan is.  My first H show was at the Blind Pig back in 1996 I think.  Can't wait to check 'em out tonight in Pittsbrugh!!

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Feb 20 15 4:27 PM

Ryan is a hybrid of Joe, and Brian. Joe was all grove, Brain was all bash; and at times lagged behind the beat. It was a slow chug-a-lug type drumming. Ryan, however, has the finesse, and he plays slightly ahead of the beat ( In my opinion in a way keeping Scott on his A game, and out of retirement.You see all these band playing for 20+ years, they slow down, get lame. Not the case here. Good move bringing him in) But Ryan still manages to hit hard.

* Obviously this is all opinion. I'm sure people perceive every band differently.

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