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Soooooo, What's the Latest on a Replacement/New Drummer for Brian?

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Sep 23 13 8:21 PM

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First off, I want to acknowledge that Brian St. Clair is one hell of a drummer. Scott is really losing a great talent next to him as he probably already knows and also one hell of a showman. I've seen this band live 3 times, (all with Brian drumming) and each time they put on one hell of a show. Brian tapes his drums down to rock on them for God's sake!!! Just amazing live, and always a top 3 for me personally. Thank you, Brian St. Clair.

The question that lies in my head for me is, will Scott continue the legacy of Local H? I know he has the Married Men going on, as well as many side projects he still may be involved in (The Prairie Cartel, Solo Acoustic Shows, etc...). But does that mean he calls it quits on finding a replacement drummer for Local H? It's obviously a different style of music compared to the Married Men and Prairie Cartel, and with the right replacement for Brian, new albums in the future would be awesome. If you're like me, you want to see this happen, but I'm not sure that I've heard or read anything on keeping Local H alive since Brian announced he was leaving the band.

Not sure how the up and down relationship between Scott and Joe are right now, as last I read it was civil at least between the two. Anyways, I wouldn't mind a Joe Daniels return as this isn't up to me to decide, but Scott to decide, however. I believe going back to the Ham Fisted, PUTC roots wouldn't be a bad thing for a band that just lost there drummer, but a good thing in many aspects. I would love to see this happen or at the very least a Local H revival of some sort in the near future. I'm guessing Scott will be looking to take a bit of a break after these last few shows with Brian but I hope he sees it for the long haul as Local H could still keep making some great music.

Anyways, to wrap up this cry for new Local H music in the future, I would like to say the newest album is truly a work of art. It's been a pleasure listening to Scott and Brian work as Local H since the absence of Joe the last few albums, and I praise Scott Lucas on whatever he decides to do. Though he is a bit "stand offish" at times in person, (see older post haha) he's still one hell of an artist. God Bless, Local H.

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Sep 24 13 4:46 PM

* Joe is not coming back. Both he and Scott have made that clear in recent comments.

* Local H will continue into its 3rd era without BSC.
“I’ll find someone. It’s about as amicable as something like this can be. I know a lot of people say that, but it really is. Finding a new drummer for a two piece band is just like finding one for a full band. It’s just a matter of hooking into the groove with somebody. I think it’s just more visually apparent to people because it’s just the two of us. Whether or not it changes the songwriting is hard to say. With Brian, it was like a shot in the arm to the band. There was more energy involved and a lot more songs were written. Who knows? That kind of spark, you just start writing.”
Read more:

* Local H have booked 2 shows in November...

FRI NOV 8, 2013 - 9:00 PM
Local H
Rock Island Brewing
1815 2nd Ave
Rock Island, IL

SAT NOV 9, 2013 - 9:00 PM
Local H
Spicoli’s Grill
3555 University Ave and The Reverb Rock
Waterloo, IA

We should have our answer by then, unless Scott is using a temporary fill in.

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