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Oct 5 13 9:42 PM

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01. Terrible Love
02. Heaven On The Way Down
03. Eddie Vedder
04. They Saved Reagan's Brain
05. The One With 'Kid'
06. Fine And Good
07. Hands On The Bible
08. Cold Manor
09. California Songs
10. Half-Life
11. Another February
12. Trash Fire Bummers
13. Nothing Special
14. All The Kids Are Right
15. User
16. All-Right (Oh, Yeah)
17. Fritz's Corner
18. ~ Encore ~
19. What Would You Have Me Do?
20. Wolf Like Me
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Nov 23 13 7:05 AM

PJ Soles

They played P.J. Soles the following night in Boston. The guys were more accessible in Boston than NYC. Brian was all business breaking down his drums. He will be missed. Scott came across the street and drank we me, my wife and two other dudes from the show for well over an hour. That was a blast. Good dude.

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