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Oct 6 13 11:56 AM

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If you could hear one song at Brian's last show, what would if be?  my choice:

Buffalo Trace

(my mistake - MODS: please move this topic to "The Board" section. sorry)

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#5 [url]

Oct 12 13 6:35 AM

I enjoyed the little teases of 'Stoney'

Terrible Love
Heaven on the Way Down
Eddie Vedder
They Saved Reagan's Brain
The One with 'Kid'
Hands on the Bible
Cold Manor
California Songs
P.J. Soles
How's the Weather Down There?
Another February
Trash Fire Bummers
Nothing Special
All the Kids Are Right
All-Right (Oh, Yeah)
Fritz's Corner

What Would You Have Me Do?
Wolf Like Me

thanks Brian, it was fun while it lasted.

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