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Oct 1 12 10:45 AM

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the new album coming out has inspired me to take a look back at all of the non-album tracks that have come out over the years. right now i'm listening to talking smack on loop (from the q101 local.101 volume one CD).

what are some of your favorite local h b-sides/outtakes/unreleased tracks/non-album cuts/etc?

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Oct 1 12 1:58 PM

Congressman is a great song.   I'm also a huge fan of the full-on version of "Lead Pipe Cinch."  I like that song a ton more than "All the Kids Are Right."

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Oct 1 12 2:19 PM

ATM, Summer Movies, Money Shot, Stoner are my faves.

even tho i dont like it as much as i did back in 99 when i saw it played... Hello, Everyone is awesome too

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Oct 1 12 11:11 PM

good call on "believe you me."

does anybody know if it was ever released on CD? i only know of a cassette release and i don't have a cassette player, so i've always been stuck with an mp3 of it. would love to have it on CD.

stoner is another favorite as well.

i also really like disgruntled christmas from that island records holiday sampler (may have been released on other things as well?).

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Oct 2 12 9:25 AM

buffalo -

believe you me is on the bound for the floor promo cassette. not sure if it was ever released on CD or vinyl (don't think it was). the cassette is fairly inexpensive.

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Oct 3 12 7:45 AM

Is there a definitive list of non-album tracks anywhere? I was trying to go through my stuff and it's overwhelming, I just have lots of not-very-organized folders. I'm pretty sure I've managed to organize my officially released stuff, so the demos and outtakes stuff is what I really need guidance with. I like to organize my stuff chronologically, so it would be awesome if we could come up with some kind of session guide, similar to what they have at Misfits Central

Just so this post is somewhat informative, here's my list of officially released non-album tracks:
"Disgruntled Xmas" (1994, Sybil Vane split 7")
"Talking Smack" (1995, Cynic 7")   
"Do You Feel Like We Do" (1995, Mayonnaise and Malaise single)
"Believe You Me" (1996, Bound for the Floor promo)
"Smothered in Hugs" (1996, Sling Blade soundtrack)
"Have Yourself a Merry Little X-Mas" (1997, Gravesend soundtrack)
"Tag-Along" (1997, Gravesend soundtrack)
"It's a Long Way to the Top" (1998, PUTC AU)
"Answering Machine" (1998, PUTC AU)
"Tame" (1999, Where Is My Mind? Pixies tribute)
"Birth School Work Death" (2000, Blank Theory split 7")
"Static Age" (2001, Half-Life EP)
"25 or 6 to 4" (2001, Half-Life EP)
"Stick to What You Know" (2001, Half-Life EP)
"Mellowed" (2003, Oil comp)

Am I missing any officially-released stuff? Is the version of "Wolf Like Me" from the 7" the same as the one on the Mixtape?

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Oct 3 12 7:55 AM

Believe You Me was only on the cassette promo for Bound for the Floor, right? Any CD promo I've seen doesn't have it.

Disgruntled Xmas is on the Island Records Holiday Sampler as well. Talking Smack is on Q101 Local.101 Volume One as well. Do you Feel Like We Do is on Eddie Vedder as well. Smothered in Hugs and Tag-Along are on the Island Years as well. Have Yourself a Merry Little X-Mas is on "Home for the Holidays" as well.

The Wolf Like Me on the 7" is slightly different from the Mixtape.

MSL www.M.SL

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Oct 4 12 9:35 AM

Awesome, thanks for that link.  I'm sure I've been to that site before but didn't remember that demos section. Have any of the demos ever been distributed lossless? The only unreleased stuff I have in lossless is the Scratchpad Demos.

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Oct 4 12 1:10 PM

i know that you know that i knooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww...

<-- judasghost

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